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Please confirm you are aware that when hiring a mobile terminal, due to mobile coverage restrictions outside of 123Hire or the event organisers control, it is recommended you have back up payment acceptance facilities available during your hire. 
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Accept cards at your stand

Thank you for your interest in hiring a credit card terminal (PDQ) with us for Countryfile Live 2016. We aim to help you make the most of every sales opportunity at the show.

Please note: we program our terminals with YOUR merchant number so your funds go directly to your acquiring bank, NOT via a third party. Therefore, the transaction fees and settlement timescales are the same as if using your own terminal(s).

Ordering for the Show:

The solution we are offering this year uses a robust hard wired internet (IP) network delivered by our partner SWAP. This is a private network which will only be accessible to those exhibitors who opt for the service. We, 123Hire, are the elected credit card machine supplier who will provide the contactless credit card machines that operate on this network.

This joint solution means that you will be able to continue to trade at the event uninterrupted and without the worry of the mobile networks suddenly becoming congested. We strongly suggest you opt for our wired internet solution based on our experience on delivering payment solutions at this site and our extensive experience of large outdoor events of this kind.

** To place an order for a credit card terminal on this wired network, please complete the form to the left of this text and we will then call you back to arrange your order – the order deadline is 1st July 2016.

NB 123Hire will arrange access to the wired network on your behalf.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need power on your stand in order to use our terminals. It is your responsibility to arrange power and to ensure you have ONE standard UK socket to plug the credit card machine into. To order power for your stand please see the relevant section of the exhibitor’s manual – Form 3


Thank you again for your interest in our service.

We hope you have a great event

Country file Live 2016

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