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Please confirm you are aware that, due to mobile coverage restrictions outside of 123Hire or the organisers control, it is recommended you hire a terminal that connects via the internet (CAT 5 cable) for these shows.
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Goodwood Revival

Thank you for your interest in hiring a credit card terminal with us for an event at Goodwood in 2017. We aim to help you make the most of every sales opportunity at the shows.

Please note: we program our terminals with YOUR merchant number so your funds go directly to your acquiring bank, NOT via a third party. Therefore, the transaction fees and settlement timescales are the same as if using your own terminal(s).

Ordering for the Goodwood Members Meeting, Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival:

For these prestigious events its is highly recommended you hire a portable terminal(s) that connects via the internet from us*. As these terminals rely on the internet to connect they are free from the mobile coverage issues experienced by mobile terminals at these very busy events. The terminal handset is then portable up to 20 metres from its base station. Please note - please ensure you have a power source on your stand to power the terminal(s) base station(s). The price per terminal for events at Goodwood includes the price for an internet line (CAT 5 cable) to be installed at your stand by the event organisers. 

- Please complete the form on the left of this text and we will call you to arrange your hire - 

**Order deadlines & pricing:**

  • Goodwood Festival of Speed: Order Deadline - 2nd June 2017: £290 + VAT including carriage, CAT 5 wire drop and installation.
  • Goodwood Revival: Order Deadline - 18th August 2017: £290 + VAT including carriage, CAT 5 wire drop and installation.


*Subject to merchant status (this service is not available to Elavon merchants)

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