Hiring for an Event

123Hire provide payment solutions for ANY event.

Are you organising an event?

Here at 123 Hire we know how much time and effort goes into hosting an event or exhibition. We also know that the success of an event often hinges on how much trade your exhibitors have managed to process and this is where 123Hire can help!

1. We place our information in exhibitor manuals so that exhibitors deal directly with 123Hire when it comes to accepting card payments at their stand - allowing the organiser to get on with the organising.

2. In order for an exhibitor to make the most of an event it is vital that they accept credit and debit card transactions at their stand. Our  fleet of Mobile, Fixed or Bluetooth terminals allow exhibitors to process transactions with the minimum of fuss and cost - while we are also able to advise those that do not already accept cards.

Benefits of 123Hire's Services

  • Mobility - our mobile terminals allow merchants to accept electronic payments at any location – even in a field*
  • Flexibility - our terminals can be rented on a flexible hire duration (daily and weekly rates available)
  • Stay Open - hiring an additional credit card terminal allows merchants to trade at multiple locations at the same time
  • Managed service - the 123Hire service is fully managed – no engineer will need to call to install the equipment as the terminals arrive ready to use.
  • Security - the most advanced security software is provided on our terminals as standard (chip and PIN/AVS/CSC)
  • Coverage visibility - coverage maps are available allowing merchants to check the likely reception at their hire venue for our mobile terminals
  • Customer Service & Support - close attention is paid to customer service.  All terminals are tested before despatch and technical support is available 363 days a year.


Terminals available to hire

We have a range of terminals available to suit your stand holders needs:

Mobile / GPRS Terminals
Where there is good mobile coverage we would recommend using our Mobile terminals. These do NOT require fixed telephone lines and therefore provide a cheaper option for stand holders at the majority of events (the standard length of an event is three days) .

Countertop / Fixed Line Terminals
Fixed Line terminals require an fixed telephone line and are the most suitable when the mobile coverage at the venue is not strong enough or is unable to cope with the number of people attending the event.

Portable / Bluetooth Terminals
Bluetooth terminals require a telephone line but are portable for a range of up to 100m in the line of sight.  There are no mobile phone call charges as our mobile terminals use GPRS technology. Therefore all of the call charges are included in the rental price

For more information on how the service works please click here
To ensure your exhibitors make the most of your event please call us on 0800 54 23 123 or email sales@123hire.net