Mobile Payment Terminals

123Send is the natural choice for companies in all industries that have a need to take card payments. GPRS/WiFi terminals offer a completely mobile way to process secure credit and debit card transactions. Mobile card machines allow you to accept card payments at the point of sale, whether you are in store, at an event or on the customer's doorstep. 

Add to this our axept® platform providing an online portal offering real-time reporting of transactional data. 

Mobile Card Terminals

 axept S900 R

axept® S900

  • Dual communications – combined GPRS and WiFi terminal
  • Contactless and alternative payment methods e.g Applepay as standard
  • Highest standards of security - PCI PTS certified to level 3.1 and will be P2PE v2 listed by December 2016
  • Full colour screen
  • Compatible with all UK merchant services accounts
  • 123 Control Centre – access to an online management information portal access to your transaction reports on a real time basis, plus other services


iWL 250 large




  • Full colour screen
  • Contactless technology - wave & pay
  • Light and small, easy to handle and carry
  • Secure: PCI PTS V2
  • Available with certain UK acquirers -
     contact us for more details

      Full terminal specification


 iWL220 large



  • Mono screen
  • Contactless technology- wave & pay
  • Secure: PCI PTS V2
  • Light and small, easy to handle and carry
  • Available with certain UK acquirers-
    contact us for more details

      Full terminal specification

GPRS Payment Terminals

A mobile card machine connects via a GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) SIM card built into the mobile unit. 123Send is able to provide a solution on Vodafone, O2 or Everything Everywhere, delivering a more comprehensive service in terms of coverage* and choice for you.

123Send's premium GPRS solution - 123Roam - is a special SIM card which automatically connects you to the strongest network. It also enables you to switch between O2, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere (Orange & T-Mobile) ensuring you have the best possible coverage and can take mobile card payments.

Flexibility with 123

Short term hire – Perfect for a one off event
Long term hire – No large initial outlay
Purchase option – Keep on-going costs to a minimum

*GPRS coverage
Coverage is dependent  on the strength of the GPRS networks. It's possible that these networks become congested at busy times. This is outside of 123Send's control. However, we advise you to  check network coverage at the terminal location. If you are in a poor coverage area our new roaming sim card, 123Roam, may be the answer!

Pick Mobile Terminals To:

Process transactions anywhere*

Use a roaming SIM card & increase connectivity

Save money on an extra telephone line