Roaming SIM card

123Roam - The Roaming SIM Card

123Roam is a special roaming SIM card that 123Send is offering with our GPRS Mobile Terminals. This new SIM card is inserted into terminals and means that our Mobile Terminals will automatically connect to the strongest GPRS signal from any one of FOUR UK GPRS Networks; Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere (previously Orange & T-Mobile). 

We recognise that connecting to the strongest network doesn't always mean that the network in question is not 'congested' as can happen from time to time.  To help with this, we have developed the 123Roam solution so that you can also manually choose which network you wish to connect to.

Choose 123Roam

Automatic connection to the strongest of FOUR UK GPRS Networks

If one network is unavailable the terminal will automatically connect to the next strongest one

The power to select a Network of your choice, from Vodafone, O2, Orange or T-Mobile (Everything Everywhere)

If the network automatically selected by the terminal is congested, you can manually swap to a different one

A truly practical mobile solution delivered to you by the one of the UK's leading provider of GPRS Payment Terminals

Perfect for fixed locations as well as mobile businesses - no costly phone line required to connect to the bank

123Roam ensures that you will have the best possible opportunity to gain coverage for your 123 GPRS Payment Terminal, wherever you are!