Service & Repair Options

All 123 card payment terminals are supported through our dedicated Technical Helpdesk, where our trained operators can assist you with any technical query that you may have.

As standard, when you take out a Long Term Service Agreement with 123Send we will cover your terminal against technical failure for the duration of that contract, ensuring you are safe in the knowledge that if the terminal fails we will support you and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

If you opt to purchase your terminal, then we will supply this to you complete with a 1 year manufacturers warranty, so if your terminal suffers a technical fault during this period you can rest assured that we will support you and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

We also recognise that there are other circumstances that may arise that mean you may not be able to process payments, for example if your terminal is accidentally damaged, lost or stolen.  To make sure you have just the right level of service for you, we’ve designed two enhanced Repair Options to cover just these types of unfortunate situations, and we highly recommend  that you take out a repair option at the start of your contract. However, you can take out one of these enhanced repair options at any time during your contract (subject to a minimum term commitment)

Two tiers of repair options are available to you:

Standard Repair

The standard repair option gives you peace of mind against accidental damage incurred by a machine being dropped, flooded premises, fire damage etc. Accidental damage cover also extends to bases and power supply units.

You would still be liable for damage caused by; improper use or lack of care, vandalism (including attempted self-repair), the use of unapproved 3rd party accessories and loss or theft.

Gold Repair

The gold repair option covers the same types of accidental damage described by Standard repair above, and also the loss or theft of a terminal. This is subject to adequate precautions being taken by you to prevent such an occurrence.  This is an excellent option which essentially will cover anything that may reasonably go wrong with your 123Send payment terminal.

Exceptions to this cover include; vandalism e.g. (including attempted self-repair or applying stickers to the terminal) and persistent misuse.