Business Telecomms

It’s likely that phone and broadband connectivity is an essential asset for your business – but are you certain that you’re getting the best deal from your supplier?

The fact is that different businesses require different features from their connections, which is why there’s a wide range of offers on the market.

However, if your deal isn’t right for your usage needs, there’s a risk that you’re paying over the odds. There’s also the possibility that you’re being charged for unnecessary extras.

It can be a tricky market to understand, which is why we’ve partnered with Make It Cheaper – an expert service that helps Britain’s SMEs get a fairer, low-cost deal for their phone and broadband connections. 

Their UK-based experts will take your business’s needs into account to find a deal that’s right for you – including:

  • Distance of calls. Are you regularly making or receiving overseas calls?
  • Length of calls. How many hours do you spend on the phone over the course of a typical month?
  • Download speeds. Do you need access to superfast broadband or would a standard connection be enough to meet your needs?

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