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Accept cards at your stand

Welcome to our webpage dedicated to those of you attending The Gadget Show Live. 123Hire and Upper Street Events are working together to ensure you can make the most out of the sales opportunities at their shows. In this day and age accepting credit and debit cards at your stand is vitally important to ensure you don't miss out on sales, especially those impulse sales.

We have a range of credit card terminals (PDQ's) available to hire for use at your stand which will ensure you can process secure Chip and PIN transactions during the show. We are also available to set you up to accept card transactions on very competitive rates if you don't already do so.

Simply complete the form on the left of this text and we will call you back to arrange your hire.

ORDER DEADLINE: 18th March 2016 - please read below

If you accept credit cards already face to face then we need a minimum of 14 days notice. For those that require setting up to accept credit cards for the first time please allow at least one month prior to delivery.

We look forward to ensuring you can make the most of every sale at a The Gadget Show.

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Gadget Show Live 2016