Social Responsibility

At 123Send we’re committed to providing customers with the best payment solutions, which will help their businesses grow and flourish. That’s why, when we receive positive feedback it genuinely brightens up our day and makes us all feel better.

However, we also appreciate that in the grand scheme of things, we’re a relatively little cog in a much larger wheel that is, our society. We know that there are companies and charities out there that quite simply need more than a payment terminal or solution from us.

One such charity is SNAP, which stands for Special Needs And Parents (Registered Charity No. 1077787). SNAP is a charity that we have proudly supported for a couple of years. It amazingly caters for families with children and young people who have any special need or disability. Their aim is to inform, encourage and support parents and carers so that they can grow in strength and knowledge and become better equipped to give the best possible help to their children.

Established over 25 years ago, SNAP has helped nearly 6,000 families throughout Essex alone and has grown to become one of the leading county based charities throughout the whole of the UK. Having visited their centre and attended numerous fund raising events, our team know how much hard work their brilliant team have put into making SNAP the outstanding charity it is today.

However, that doesn’t mean to say that they can stop and relax in their success. During 2020 the charity was hit extremely hard by the COVID-19 pandemic but in the only way they know how, they got through this difficult period adapting their services and support to help families remotely and as soon as they safely could re-opened their centre while remaining compliant with the government COVID-19 guidelines offering individual appointments to those most affected.

It is because of this dedication to their values and aims that we as a company are proud to support such a fantastic charity. At 123Send, we’re of the firm belief that children are the future of our society and it is because of charities like SNAP that a lot more children are getting the chance to excel and flourish in life.

How you can help

To read more about SNAP and find out how you can help support them, please visit:

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