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Chip & PIN Terminal Improves Cashflow

Chip & PIN Terminal Improves Cashflow

Mobile chip & PIN terminal improves cashflow for Shaize Kids Club.

Small business owners wear many hats from accountant, marketer, and salesperson to PR officer! With so many balls to juggle, spending time doing paperwork often gets pushed aside for a later date. 

It's all too easy to focus on doing the job for the customer and not spend enough time on creating and sending invoices to ensure you get paid on time.  Card payment machines are time and money savers for businesses and result in better cash flow and reduced bad debt, writes Martin Brennand, Sales Director, 123Send.

123Send's secure, mobile card machines help you improve your cash flow, by getting money in faster and more efficiently, giving you more time to concentrate on growing your business.  Transactions by chip & PIN are authorised immediately and are guaranteed to hit your bank account within 2-3 days, eliminating the risk of bounced cheques and bad debts.  If paying by credit card, your customers also benefit by receiving up to 56 days interest-free credit.  When cash flow is improved you're less likely to need to use loans or overdrafts which carry high interest fees.

Consistently poor cash flow can lead to bad debt.  The impact of this bad debt on sales and profit for your business has the potential to lead to real financial strain - something that is avoidable! 

One of our customers, a busy childcare company, values the many benefits of accepting card payments. "Payment is taken by card at the point of sale so it's all taken care of right there and then.  Admin. time has been cut down too.  If you constantly have to chase payment, things slip through the net.  Our card machine has helped a lot with cash flow and reducing bad debts." Shaize Kids Club.

Card machines and the ability to accept card payments are essential in today's successful businesses.  As well as improving professional image, they can increase turnover by attracting new customers, facilitate impulse buying and convert browsers into customers far more effectively than cash!  Additionally, they give you peace of mind by eliminating the security risk of carrying large amounts of money. 

123Send provide the very latest in card payment technology and are available on contracts from 1 day to 4 years.  They include features such as gratuity acceptance, cardholder not present and contactless technology.  We can also arrange your merchant bank account which is required to accept payments. 

Source: Business Network magazine February / March 2013 



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"Our card machine has helped a lot with cash flow and reducing bad debts"