Refer Friend Terms & Conditions

1. The 123Send Customer Referral Scheme is intended for the sole purpose of introducing new customers (“Introduced Customer/s”) to 123Send Ltd (“123Send”).

2. Referral rewards (“Referral Rewards”) only apply to ‘long term hire’ and/or ‘purchase’ contracts taken out with 123Send by the Introduced Customer.

3. Where the Introduced Customer confirms their order of a 123Send Merchant Account or a 123Send Online Solution, the Referral Reward will be  £50.00

4. Any Referral Reward due to an existing customer (“Referral Customer”) who made the introduction to an Introduced Customer will be paid in UK pounds sterling by cheque, payable to the Referral Customer only and will be posted out by 123Send within 60 days of receipt of a signed contract from the Introduced Customer.   For the avoidance of doubt no further rewards will be due to the Referral Customer for making such an introduction. However the Referral Customer may refer additional non – associated companies as Introduced Customers for further Referral Rewards.

5. The introduction of an Introduced Customer to 123Send by a Referral Customer does not constitute a partnership with such or any form of relationship.

6. Dispatch of Referral Rewards by 123Send will be recorded and will be deemed to constitute receipt by the addressee. 123Send accepts no liability for any Referral Rewards that are not received by the addressees for whatever reason.

7. Referral Rewards will not be given to customers who are in arrears on payments in respect of their account with 123Send.

8. Referral Rewards will not be given to any customer that introduces to 123Send a potential Introduced Customer which provides 123Send with an incorrect, or no, Referral Code (code includes part of MID to identify merchant to 123). 123Send does not accept any responsibility for the failure of the Introduced Customer to provide accurate information, and will not permit the amendment of the Referral Code following initial registration of the Introduced Customer.

9. Due to data restrictions under the Data Protection ACT 1998, 123Send cannot inform Referral Customers of the detailed identity of any Introduced Customers that may have been referred.

10. 123Send is entitled to terminate the Referral Scheme at any time and without notice. Any outstanding Referral Rewards due at the time of termination will be given to the appropriate parties.

11. Payments will be made in UK pounds sterling by cheque, payable to the referring client only, and will be posted out within a maximum of 60 days of the introduced client having requested dispatch of their completed order.

12. Where an Introduced Customer cancels their contract within 30 days of the start date the Referral Reward is invalidated. 

13. The amount of each individual payment will initially be as notified within the email sent to the Referral Customer advising them of their entitlement to participate in the scheme but 123Send reserves the right to vary this amount without notice.

14. There is no limit to the number of introductions and Referral Rewards the Referral Customer may receive.

15. 123Send reserves the right to withhold any Referral Reward should the Introduced Customer have been in contact with 123Send at anytime within 180 days prior to receipt by 123Send of the relevant referral reference.

16. The Customer Referral Scheme is open to all residents in the UK, except employees of 123Send Ltd and associate companies and their families.

17. All incentives must be accepted as offered.

18. In the event of the Referral Reward being unavailable, 123Send reserve the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value.

19. All Referral Reward details were correct at time of going to press.

20. The decision of 123Send management on any referral claim is final.

21. Participants must be prepared to co-operate with and partake in any publicity arising from the scheme.

22. Participants must be aged 18 or over.

23. Payment terms remain the same regardless of any associated discounts that may apply to Referral Customers and/or Introduced Customers.

24. Referral Reward payments will only be made to a company or corporate entity which has an existing relationship/contract with 123Send.

25. The referee’s first three months free offer is based on a minimum term contract of 36 or 48 months. The minimum term of the terminal contract starts from the date of the first full priced quarterly rental payment and does not include the promotional three month period.