General FAQs

If you have a question that is not covered in the sections below, please contact our technical team who will be able to help.

Do I need a telephone line?

No telephone line is required with our Mobile/GPRS terminals, they communicate using the GPRS network.  However, Countertop/Fixed line terminals and Portable/Bluetooth terminals require a PSTN telephone line, or an IP/Broadband line if this terminal type is selected. Please ask the sales team for further information.

Do I need to have access to mains power?

No mains power is required for our Mobile/GPRS terminals, they are battery operated. However, they recharge via a docking base which requires mains power. In-Car chargers are available - please see our range of accessories.

Portable/Bluetooth and Countertop/Fixed Line terminals require mains power.


How many transactions will I be able to process from a single battery charge?

Our EFT930G range of Mobile/GPRS terminals are able to process at least 150-200+ transactions on a full charge with continuous use. With intermittent use the terminal should hold its charge for several days.

The IWL range on full charge can process transactions for 24 hours continuous use and hold charge for several days with intermittent use.

Can I process Euro payments?

YES. Our terminals have the capability of processing transactions in Euro's through Streamline Merchant Accounts only. However, to be able to process transactions in Euro's you must have a Euro Merchant Account with Streamline. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Can I process cash back payments?

YES. It is possible to process cash back payments on the terminal. Your Merchant Services Agreement must be set up with the cash back option to take advantage of this facility.

Can I process gratuity payments?

YES. The terminal can be programmed with a Gratuity facility, please contact our sales team for more information.

Can I have a surcharge facility?

YES. The terminal can be programmed with a surcharge facility, this can either be set as a flat fee or a percentage of the sale. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Does the terminal print out a receipt for the customer?

YES. The terminal will print a copy of the receipt for both the merchant and customer.

Can my terminal process Mail Order/Cardholder Not Present (CNP) transactions?

YES. As long as the CNP facility is set-up with your Merchant service provider.

How many transactions per till roll?

You should be able to carry out between approximately 60-80 transactions per roll. You can order a range of approved accessories, including till rolls from us.

Which merchant numbers can be programmed into a terminal?

Our range of terminals can process transactions from most major UK acquirers; WorldPay, Barclays Merchant Services (BMS), Lloyds Cardnet, Global Payments, Allied Irish Bank (AIB), Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBoS) and First Data Merchant Services. Therefore electronic merchant numbers issued by any of these acquiring banks can be programmed into the terminals.

If you accept cards online you will need an E-commerce merchant account.

American Express and Diners Club merchant numbers can also be programmed into the terminals if applicable.

Do I need to use my own mobile phone for Mobile/GPRS terminals?

NO. The terminal is set up with its own SIM card which we provide. The terminal is delivered to you ready to use. We provide a range of options, including the roaming SIM -  123Roam. Please ask for further details.

Do I need to carry out any reports on the terminal?

YES. At the end of each day you should carry out a banking report on the terminal. This will confirm the payments you have taken that day with your acquirer and also complete any transactions that may be stored in the terminal.

What is the difference between terminal types?

The main difference between the Countertop/Fixed-line, Portable/Bluetooth and Mobile/GPRS terminals are the communications that are used to connect to your acquirer's banking system.

The Countertop/Fixed-line terminal is connected directly to a telephone line, the Portable/Bluetooth terminal also connects to a telephone line but can be taken up to 100 metres from its base and the Mobile/GPRS terminal uses GPRS technology (not a telephone line) which enables the user to take payments away from a fixed location.

We also supply IP/Broadband Contertop/Fixed-line and Portable/Bluetooth terminals in addition to PSTN range, which connect via an IP/Broadband connection.

 Please see our terminal comparison guide, or ask for further details.

Will my Mobile/GPRS terminal work anywhere?

As long as you are in an area that receives GPRS coverage on your network you should be able to use your Mobile/GPRS terminal.

Coverage is dependent on the strength of O2 and Vodafone networks. It's possible that these networks become congested at busy times. This is outside of 123Send's control. However, we advise you to check network coverage at the terminal location. If you are in a poor coverage area our new roaming SIM card 123Roam may be the answer!

What do I do if there is no GPRS coverage?

If your terminal is not picking up any GPRS coverage you should give our helpdesk a call. If the problem cannot be resolved immediately you should fall back to your manual back up swipe machine.

How can I check the coverage at the event I am attending?

Please see our Coverage Page for details of Mobile/GPRS network availability. This will give you a guide to coverage strength in the area you are looking to use the terminal. If you are going to be accepting transactions inside a particular building, it is recommended that you speak with the organiser to check they can receive the specific network coverage inside.

Which networks can my Mobile/GPRS terminal be connected to?

We can set your terminal up on either the Vodafone or O2 network or the 123Roam roaming option, which will connect to the strongest of 4 network providers; Vodafone, O2 or Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile). If you have a preference you can indicate this on the order form. Please see our coverage maps for a guide to network coverage where you would be using the terminal.

What do I do if the network I have chosen is not suitable?

When ordering your Mobile/GPRS terminal from 123, you have a choice of either the Vodafone, O2 or 123Roam option which will connect to the strongest of 4 networks; Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) . If when you receive your terminal you feel that you are not getting adequate service, we can swap the network for you. Please see the Coverage Page to check the network availibility where you anticipate using the terminal.

If you experience connection issues we will swap the network once for free and then subsequent changes may be subject to an admin fee.

If you encounter connection issues whilst out please contact the helpdesk.

Can I use my own SIM card in the Mobile/GPRS terminal?

NO. Your terminal will be provided with a GPRS SIM card which you must use to process secure transactions.

Can I take a terminal without an account with a UK acquirer?

NO. To be able to process card transactions using our range of terminals, you will first need to have a merchant service account with a UK Acquirer. If you do not currently accept card payments, 123 can make all of the arrangements for you if you are new to cards.

How will Chip & PIN payments benefit me?

Chip & PIN technology has helped to reduce fraud in face-to-face payments. This type of payment allows you to take secure payments.

How secure are Cardholder Not Present (CNP) transactions?

CNP transactions are less secure than chip and PIN as no PIN number is being entered. Our range of terminals do however have as standard the Address Verification (AVS) and Cardholder Security (CVC) to help protect against Cardholder Not Present fraud.

How does the money get into my bank account?

You will need to have a merchant account to process card transactions. Whichever acquirer you set up a merchant account with, they will pay the money directly into your designated bank account. Typically this takes 2-3 days. If you do not currently accept card payments, 123 can make all of the arrangements for you.

What happens if I change banks?

You will need to inform us if you change who you bank with so that we can set up a new Direct Debit through your new business account.

You will also need to contact your acquirer to advise them of any changes.

What happens if I change Acquirers?

If you change your Merchant Service Provider, you will need to contact us first to see if your terminal is compatible with the acquirer you are looking to change to. The terminal would need to be re-configured to your new Merchant Account Details and this can only be processed through our helpdesk.

There is a £25.00 +VAT admin fee to reconfigure the terminal to your new acquirer.

What is the length of the agreement?

We have contracts available for both short and long term rental and purchase options. Please contact us for further details.

Can I purchase a terminal?

YES. Our Mobile/GPRS terminals are available to either Purchase or Rent.

Can I have a terminal for just a few days?

YES. 123Hire provide short term rentals. Please visit the 123Hire section for further details.

How long is the warranty on my terminal?

If you purchase a terminal it comes with a 12 month warranty, during which time we will repair or replace the terminal for any technical fault. If you are renting the equipment, your terminal is covered against any technical fault for the length of the rental agreement.

Additional cover options are available for loss, theft or accidental damage.



Is theft/loss covered under the rental contract or warranty?

No. Not as standard. However there are optional cover options available. Please ask for further details.

Can I cancel my agreement with 123 if I decide I no longer need or want my terminal, or if my business closes?

If you are renting the equipment then you are liable for the remainder of the agreement period. It may be possible to transfer the agreement to a different business. Please contact us if you would like to know about this in more detail.

If you have purchased a Mobile/GPRS terminal then you will initially sign a minimum 12 month air time contract.

What accessories are available?

Please see the range of available accessories.

What happens if my terminal is lost/stolen?

If your terminal is lost or stolen you should contact us immediately, we will disconnect it for you. You will also need to advise your acquirer.

You need to report it to the police and obtain a crime reference number which we require.

What happens if I break my terminal?

In the first instance you should call our helpdesk. In most cases a query can be resolved over the phone, if however it has been physically damaged it may need to be  repaired/replaced. This will be done without charge if you have a repair option otherwise there will be a charge to cover the costs.

We will only replace/repair terminals for free under our repair options for accidental damage.

What happens if my terminal is faulty?

If you have any queries with your terminal or how to use it please give our helpdesk a call and they will investigate any issues you are experiencing.

What does the 'Repair Option' cover?

There are two repair options and they cover against accidental damage and also give a guaranteed replacement within either 1 or 2 working days. Please contact us for further details.

Does the terminal need to be installed upon delivery?

NO. Your  terminal will be delivered fully configured to your merchant account and ready to accept card payments.  For Mobile/GPRS terminals all you will need to do is charge the terminal for an initial 4 hours, or simply connect to the mains and start taking payments!

Is there a back-up facility?

YES. If as part of your Merchant Service Agreement you will have been provided with a manual swipe machine. In the event of your terminal being unavailable you can use the back up manual swipe machine. Please note that you should call your acquirer for authorisation on all manual transactions