Online Payments

Taking secure card payments online

Guess which country now has the biggest e-commerce market in Europe? If you said the UK, you’d be right, and it’s worth a staggering £133bn annually.

That’s serious money and you could be missing out if your business doesn’t sell online and take web payments.

How to start taking card payments online

Our advisor will review your website once it is operational to ensure it complies with the necessary regulations and will then discuss service levels and search for the best rates. 


Your customer visits your website, selects the goods or services they want to buy and adds them to their online shopping basket


They go to your online checkout, enter their card details either on a hosted or integrated payment page

Payment Gateway

Their details are sent to our online payment gateway where payment is authorised

Bank Account

Funds are paid into your online merchant account and then settled into your bank account.

If you’re considering taking payments online and would like to find out more contact us on