Essential Update to PAX S Range
and Worldline Xenteo Terminals

Dear customers,
123Send recently flagged an important and planned configuration update for the PAX S Range and Worldline Xenteo terminals.
If you are using either of these terminals, it is imperative to update each terminal with the new security configuration to ensure a seamless return to business once this latest nationwide lockdown ends.

Therefore, please update your terminal configuration before 28 February 2021

We've created some FAQ's which may be useful for you to complete these downloads or click on the links below for step by step guides.

The importance of this update

A security certificate on the PAX S Range and Wordline Xenteo terminals is due to expire, and a configuration update is now required to install the replacement certificate. If this update is not completed by the deadline of 15th February 2021, then the terminal configuration update process can no longer function. You will still be able to process transactions for a short time after expiry, however at some point your device will log out and will not log back in.

For this download and update to be completed, the terminal, network and internet within your premises must be left on. Therefore, if you have already left your premises and turned everything off, we advise you to go back ASAP, turn it back on and perform the update. If you have not already closed your premises, please perform the update now using the steps outlined in the guides below.

Update your terminal

Standalone terminal

Read quick guide to update standalone terminal

  • Standalone PAX S300

  • Standalone PAX S800

  • Standalone PAX S900

Integrated Solution

Read quick guide to update integrated terminal

  • Integrated PAX S300

  • Integrated PAX S800

  • Integrated PAX S900

Thank you!

Making payments as easy to accept as possible for our customers is always at the forefront of our mind when we are developing and updating our products.

We understand that business is tough right now and uncertainty exists, but we are dedicated to providing you with seamless, modern day payment technologies and services.

That is why having our software and security certificates as up to date as possible is extremely important to us.

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